• Claire and Doug's wedding day photos from Tithe Barn in Petersfield, Hampshire.
  • Claire and Doug's wedding day photos from Tithe Barn in Petersfield, Hampshire.
  • Emma and Tom's wedding day at Scotney Castle in Kent.
  • Katie and Alan's wedding day at Basingstoke Registry Office, Hampshire.
  • Molly and Vinnie's wedding day at The Merchistoun Hall in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

Petersfield Wedding Photography.

Our wedding photography service is available in Petersfield, Hampshire. The approach we take to wedding photography is to shoot in a relaxed, reportage style. We blend in with your guests and capture lots of candid moments of them enjoying your wedding day with you. From all the small details of your wedding day to photographs of your friends and family. We capture the true story of your wedding day.

Our photographs have captured our couples, their friends and their family in the moment on their wedding day. Our style has developed away from lists and images of other peoples wedding on Pinterest boards. We don’t like to plan what we shoot, this takes away from capturing images that are of in moment scenes. We learned this when we decided to move away from that approach. From that point on the photographs we captured at our couples wedding were real and true to the scene. We want  what we produce for you to be real, as you remember it.

Relaxed Reportage Style Petersfield Wedding Photography

We like to take photographs of just the both of you looking amazing on your wedding day. Typically we try to fit two of these sessions in and we try to keep to 20 minutes. If you have chosen to have a couple’s photo shoot with us then you will know what it is like to work with one of the team. No worries if you have not. We won’t take you out of your comfort zones or ask you to do anything odd or bizarre.

We also like to take night time flash lit photographs that give you a unique special image of you both. As you we see in our featured weddings Group shots we like to keep to a minimum of ten to keep the parents happy and to keep your wedding day flowing. We have found from experience that most group shots are better left till the evening, when everyone has had something to eat and drink and are more relaxed.

When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer the best advice we can give is to just go with your gut instinct. If you’ve watched the slideshow on this page and think this is exactly the kind of style you want captured on your wedding day, then get in touch using the form below!

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